Delcol DL741 Mild Akaline Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (Supply Only)

Delcol DL741 Mild Akaline Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (Supply Only)

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Delcol DL741 is a Hot & Cold Water Dispenser providing mild alkaline water. This model come with 4 stage filtration system that provide you pure fresh drinking water.

4 Stage Filtration System

Pre filter Function Lifespan

9” Polypropylene Filter

Removes dirt, sand rust, and other solid particles.

4 months

9” Pre Carbon Filter

Remove residual chlorine, organic residues, and heavy metals in water.

6 months

9” Post Carbon Filter

Improve taste by removing the smell, odor.

6 months

9” Alkaline Filter

Enhance water pH level

12 months

*Prefilter lifespan depends on water source 

Water Tank Capacity:

Hot: 1 litre 

Cold: 2.8 litre


Weight: 20kg

Dimension: 26(W) x 48 (D) x 49.8(H)cm

***Add RM200 for installation.***

***Installation only valid for Klang Valley area only.***

***Courier Charges please refer to Skynet Courier cost attachment.***

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