Delcol DL0942 Fiber Glass Outdoor Water Filter (Supply Only)

Delcol DL0942 Fiber Glass Outdoor Water Filter (Supply Only)

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Delcol DL0942 Fiber Glass Outdoor Filter with manual backwash system is installed directly after main pipe to provide clean,clear filtered water for daily usage for example: laundry, shower, car washing, toilet flushing and etc. Standard unit contain 5 layers of gravel, coarse sand & find sand to remove mud and sediment up to 5 microns and the granular activated carbon remove chlorine, taste, odour, colour and organic chemicals. 

Delcol Fiber Glass Outdoor requires periodic backwash for optimum filtration performance. It is recommended to change the media 3 years once. 

Ideal for : Landed property, Restaurant, School

***Installation only valid in Klang Valley***

***Courier Charges please refer to Skynet Courier cost attachment.***


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