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About Us

Pioneer in Water Dispensers

Delcol was established in 1992 from a small proprietary business operating under the name of United Marketing, promoting water dispensers and water filtration systems. Since then, it has expanded and transformed into one of the major water solution specialists in Malaysia. Delcol is the leading brand name for water dispensers, water filters, reverse osmosis system and water treatment products be it for household, commercial or industrial applications. Delcol was incorporated on 22nd September 1995 with the principle activities of marketing and servicing water dispensers and water filtration systems. The company also owns a bottled water processing plant that uses a self-designed RO system to produce 5 gallon bottled RO water. 




Business Awards

  • Golden Bull Award 2004
  • Golden Bull Award 2005
  • Golden Bull Award 2006
  • Golden Bull Award 2007
  • SMI Recognition Award 2004
    Best Brand Award
  • SMI Recognition Award 2005
    Best Product & Service Award
  • SMI Recognition Award 2006
    Innovation Excellence Award
  • SMI Recognition Award 2007
    Best Brand Award
  • Business Award 2004
  • Malaysian Retailer-Chains Association
  • Business Summit Award 2007
  • Asia Pacific Golden Brand Products
  • Malaysia Book of Records as
    The Largest Water Filter & Treatment Products Retail Chain


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